WIN Compilation March 2016

The fastest month deserves a fast compilation – for the last 29 days we found 49 great clips and present them in under overwhelming nine minutes of pure awesomeness.

Arranged by &

March on, enjoy & share!

Originals can be found by clicking the „ORIGINAL“-Button in the top left corner or in the following list:

01. Baby Bass
02. Jaws vs the Lyon 25
03. Memphis Depay Amazing Trick Vs Midtjylland
04. Кот-альпинист
05. Testing the new whip
06. Colins Crest record 45 meters by Eyvind Brynildsen
07. Cow Rolls Hay Across Snow
08. Blindfolded!! Fast and Precise Cutting Skills – How To Make Sushi Series
09. Hotel Room Service Robot Delivering Snack
10. Maid of Honour Raps her Speech to ‘ICE ICE BABY’ at her sister wedding! AMAZING!
11. Snowboarding 1-year-old Hits the Slopes Like it’s no Big Deal
12. 芸工大生の卒業制作「書き時計」、ネットで話題に
13. Sled Legs, the wearable snow sled.
14. One man band deluxe! (San Francisco)
15. CRAZY Ballpop
16. Sophina DeJesus UCLA Floor 2016 vs Utah 9.925
17. Fastest Mobility Scooter – Guinness World Records
18. Fire bubble with a levitating top!
19. Labrador uses the Archimedes Principle to get his soup
20. How to make a sausage burrito – Cute dachshund puppy
21. ICE SWORD! (Made With Pykrete)
22. [Exclu] Buggy Ski – Snow transformer – Plagne Montalbert
23. Amazing David Bowie Street Art
24. Awesome Freestyle Scooter Tricks Part Deux!
25. Cat Pushes Itself On A Sled
26. Centriphone – an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier
27. Cocktail Chemistry – Ice Ball Cocktail
28. #wheelexchange
29. Dos bebés dándonos una lección de amor ♥
30. Egg inside of an egg!
31. First Droneboarding / Первый Дронбординг
32. Hiccup Flickup
33. Jurassic Paso Park!
34. Kickflip on a Skateboard, on a Paddleboard, on a Wave
35. La Bioguia_1091142640935150
36. Man Sets INSANE Balance World Record
37. Mobile Achterbahn
38. One of those days 3 – Candide Thovex
39. Parkour Dudes Go to the Boulder Gym
40. Robot makes hole-in-one on No. 16 at TPC Scottsdale
41. Slo-mo Stair Flight 3
42. Sorting Like A Boss
43. Squirrel Does a Handstand
44. Star Rachel Brathen performs yoga with a baby goat
45. Tallest Ladder Balanced On Chin (World Record!)
46. Teamwork Like A Boss
47. The Companion Cube – A Man and His Cube is a Beautiful Thing
48. Tony Fisher’s LARGEST RUBIK’S CUBE in the world !! 100% genuine functional 1.56m giant 3x3x3 puzzle
49. We are the World using Face Swap Live

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