WIN Compilation July 2015

It’s summer! Even in Germany. Therefore we are making it short this time so you can enjoy the weather. 49 new and epic clips in just under 9 minutes. Put together bei WIHEL &

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Enjoy & share!

Videos in chronological order of appearance:

01. Bruiser Bear
02. ACE!!! Dave Feldberg – Final Round – 2015 Maple Hill Open
03. Destroying My Car – Steve-O
04. GTA 5 – Semi Truck Stunt Jump
05. When they realized what they were looking at here at Niagara Falls, their jaws dropped.
06. 2015 X Games Vert Best Trick – CA Productions
07. Baby goats on a trampoline
08. Funny Guy Sees Live Broadcast Near His House, Runs For Videobombing
09. Milo having fun
10. Man Wears An Epic Teddy Bear Piggy Back Costume
11. 1-Pixel Pac-Man
12. Play Of The Day | Badminton Finals – Yonex US Open C’ship 2015
13. Nerf gun to the eye
14. Biggest Minecraft pixel art in the world! 1.128.960 blocks!
15. Real Hot Dog Precision
16. GoPro: Karsten Maas’ Golf Bag of Tricks
17. Sportlicher Fuchs
18. Track Hoe Boarding! Insane Epicness!
19. Mad Max Doof Warrior Inspired Flamethrower Ukulele
20. Best Dog Birthday Surprise: DIY Ball Pit for Maymo
21. Setting off 300 Rockets ALL AT ONCE
22. Riesen Looping Louie mit Bobby Car beim Hurricane Festival 2015
23. Two Planes Fly Through a Hangar – Red Bull Barnstorming
24. Sugar Glider Practices Flying in Front of Fan
25. Fish plays fetch like a dog
26. Mobility scooter gone wild
27. Pitbull 5 Metre Zıplıyor – Holy shit this dog can jump
28. 5 Bier mit Meterstab öffnen – Handwerkskollektiv Zürich
29. 6 year old skateboarder Sky – the next Tony Hawk?! (People are Awesome)
31. Barehanded baseball line drive catch ( ORIGINAL )
32. Come sparare a un gatto – Carmine Migliaccio
33. CrossFit Baby does perfect snatch
34. Daddy Daughter Beatbox
35. My brother having fun with a leaf blower and an office chair
36. Uncle of the year pulls off high-flying dunk
37. WORLD RECORD Basketball Shot 126.5m (415 ft) – How Ridiculous
38. file 112
39. Two quarters = ? #Magic #50cent #SpyMovie #JakePaul – Jake Paul – AllYourVines
40. Hilarious dog bike ride delhi
41. Hot Puppy Sitting in a Fountain
42. John Coffey singer catches beer while crowdwalking, and drinks it! (the original)
43. Acrobatic Dog, Handstand on Rope
44. Crazy 100lbs chair split by @jujimufu!!!!
45. Freestyle Jet Ski HD World Champion Ant Burgess
46. Penalty van Jordi “Di Maria” van SV Geinoord Nieuwegein achter standbeen langs.
47. Umbrella Raccoon
48. Worlds Largest Functioning Whoopee Cushion… And my thoroughly unimpressed cat
49. Construction Workers Play Whack-A-Mole

Also thanks to all of our inspiring sources of WIN:

11freunde, arbroath, awsm, b3ta, gilly, buzzfeed, dailypicksandflicks, devour, dwtf, hirnverbrandt, kraftfuttermischwerk, laughingsquid, neatorama, nerdcore, nerddrugs, pewpewpew, sayomg, seitvertreib, sploid, tastefullyoffensive, theawesomer, twentytwowords, twistedsifter und webtapete.

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