WIN Compilation August 2015

46 amazing clips from the last weeks in just about under ten minutes, arranged bei Maik and Martin. Enjoy & share!

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Videos in chronological order of appearance:

01. whale video shot by Brad Rich on Tony Flanders boat near Seward Alaska
02. Philippe Mexes Amazing Goal – AC Milan vs Inter Milan 1-0 (HD)
03. The First Hold & Release Bungee Jump | Damien Walters
04. Amazing intelligent dog trick! Watch to the end! Our rosie is a star 🙂
05. #taikosdragai: Tautovežis prieš Ferrari 458 Italia @Nemunring
06. Jamie O’Brien Surfs Teahupo’o on Fire
07. GoPro: Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel
08. Amazing Fog Waterfall
09. Butcher level 99 / Мясник 99 уровень
10. JENKEM – WTF? The Goober
11. Elliptical Pool Table – Numberphile
12. Coldstone Doha Qatar
13. Nathan Friend amazing flip pass
14. Rubik’s Cube Magician Steven Brundage fools Penn & Teller – Fool Us
15. Ajo’s superstar save
16. The coolest water balloons I’ve ever seen!
17. Surprise!!! You’re going to be Grandparents!!!
18. 7 hp motor attached to picnic table
19. Drone Rescue
20. Soccer Cockatoo
21. The 1812 Overture Played with Flaming Bagpipes on Tall Unicycle. Because America.
22. What Happens if You put Coin into Dry Ice Block
23. Peanuts Movie Flying Snoopy for Comic-Con by Otto Dieffenbach
24. Lambs Entertain in Ireland
25. Girl Uses Slingbow To Pull Out Tooth
26. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Meets Parkour in Real Life! in 4K!
28. Children’s Acrobatics Training
29. Dude rocks out on Taiko No Tatsujin
30. El Baile de la Mascara / The Mask Dance Cuban Pete (Kid Version)
31. First Front Flip
32. Front Flip To Coffin Ride!! – Skateboarding WTF – Henry Calvert
33. Hattie Cat Sings Along to “If you’re happy and you know it”
34. History Made! First Ever BMX Quad Backflip | Nitro Circus | Jed Mildon
35. Homeless Man Plays Piano Beautifully (Sarasota, FL) (ORIGINAL)
36. New cup stacking world record! (People are Awesome)
37. O homem mais forte do mundo
38. Patrick Wider has some serious skills!
39. Short Alaskan Bush Landing – Bobby Breeden
40. Tom Thum from Australia – Showcase – Beatbox Battle TV
41. Two flips Two basketballs One incredible trick shot
42. Walters Vs Russian Swing | Damien Walters
43. Whale blows a rainbow (Original)
44. evil puppy
45. fasthonk.mp4
46. Adela Tells It Like It Is

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