WIN Compilation February 2016

You want more? No problem! 55 of the best clips from the last weeks in just exactly 10 minutes – a concentration of awesomeness that has never been seen before – arranged by & Until next month. Lots of snowy coolness from this winter. Enjoy & share!

Originals can be found by clicking the „ORIGINAL“-Button in the top left corner or in the following list:

01. David Bowie tribute on the Dom Tower Utrecht
02. Steel Wool Sparklers – Science Experiment
03. GoPro: NHL After Dark
04. Coke Can Drawing Challenge
05. Dog Copies Little Girl’s Cartwheel
06. Paris Résonne. Meilleurs vœux 2016 de Geometry Global Paris.
07. Roman Candle Minigun (1001 shots in 45 seconds)
08. Waffle poots
09. Freezing soap bubbles at -15 celsius – Warsaw
10. Neopixel Giant Thermometer Scarf
11. Bird Grooms Itself with Q Tip
12. #WatermelonBoy – Boy eats Whole Watermelon at a Cricket Game
13. Footballer Demy de Zeeuw shows what happens when you post to eight million Instagram followers
15. How To Make A KATE MIDDLETON HANDBAG CAKE With Toffee Vanilla Cake, Buttercream and Fondant!
16. 22×22 rubik’s cube World Record
17. Welcome to the Netherlands
18. Fastest 20 m carrying two fridges // Guinness World Records Italian Show (Ep1)
19. Giant Rocket Powered Firework Wheel
20. Что случилось с бутылкой Coca-Cola???
21. Не будьте равнодушными на дороге.
22. Mourning geckos gathered around their dinner plate
23. Ogot Flight Proposal
24. Veteran Plows Snow with Wheelchair
25. Motley Crue’s final show in LA New Years Eve 2015.
26. Crocodile loves rock slide at zoo in Morocco
27. DC snow monster
28. Altinha With Scotch And Friends
29. Basketball Trickshot while Doing a Handstand
30. Best Childs Toy Ever | Mini-Speed Boat
31. Big Quarterpipe Day from Pretty Sweet
32. BMX Meets Parkour | Unthinkable Bike Tricks with Tim Knoll
33. Buffet
34. Confident Trumpeter Moonwalks Off The Stage
35. Crab benchpress!
36. Dachshund Uses Pillow to Step Up to Couch
37. Dog Jumps to Smell Cookies
38. say cheese
39. Explosions of Color: Skateboarding in Slow Motion (Chromatic 2)
40. Fan Hits Half-Court Shot at Lakers Game for $95,000!!
41. How to drink your morning coffee in Norway by Trym Nordgaard
42. Infinadeck demonstration at CES 2016
43. Life Hack: Remove Your Kids Boots With No Hands
44. Liquid Ping Pong in Space – RED 4K
45. LiveLeak – Two kids invent ingenious way to cycle a Bike
46. When you collab with Siri ??
47. no title 3
48. Super Booster на Невском
49. The Cutest NBA Game Ever! Do you agree?
50. Wheelchair Handplant: Aaron Fotheringham || ShortSided
51. William vs. the Gate
52. World Record: Most Bricks Broken In 90 Seconds Using Bare Hands
53. World’s Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot
54. 高手在民間 日本學生浪費才能的日常
55. Jamming with my pipe buddy!


  1. Wieder ein super Video! Abwechslungsreich und nur gute Sequenzen… danke für deine Arbeit! Der Drummer war genial… ich liebe solche kreativen Videos

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