• Bonus Compilation: POSITIVE FAILS – Funny feel good failures | LwDn x WIHEL

    In 2018 our April Fool’s prank was to show you a FAIL Compilation and that didn’t really turn out positive… So this time, we just put this up as a mid-monthly bonus video and even did ask you beforehand. Only 4% out of 1.8K(!) of you voted for not doing one, 73% wanted us to. So here it is, a “Positive Fails Compilation” with some old time classics and some modern clips! We despise those fails where people really get hurt (that’s why we started WIN Compilations in the first place), so here it’s all about the fun that sometimes could even be argued as WINs. 51 in total with over 12 minutes entertainment, that might be around the funniest we ever curated for you! We hope you like it and don’t resent it.

    Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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