• WIN Compilation BEST OF 2021! (Videos of the Year) | LwDn x WIHEL

    Let’s celebrate the best videos of the year! 🙌 In 2021 we curated 634 new clips for you (+126 in bonus videos) that ended up in 135:35 minutes (+23:39) of our monthly WIN Compilations. Thanks to everyone who spent 2 hours+ with us this year! ❤️

    Here are THE 100 BEST VIDEOS from our WIN Compilations PLUS FOUR NEW ones that haven’t been shown before on this channel! (Re)Watch the big moments and small wonders of 2021. Because yes, this year sucked, but not all the way – humans were still able to find fun and passion and do wonderful things.

    OH – WE NEED YOUR HELP! Writing of “doing wonderful things”: In what color should our channel be plunged for 2022? 🎨 Write your oppinion in the comments – we’re still undecided… 🤔

    Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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