WIN Compilation September 2015

The best 45 clips of the last month in our epic 8-and-a-bit minutes September Edition. Entertainment has never been more superlative ever. Enjoy & share!

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Arranged by and

Videos in chronological order of appearance:

01.Man Farts Slayer | Metal Hammer
02.Coolest cat in the house makes pole dancing
03.Duck Army
04.Creepy Hand Illusion
06.Transforming Birthday Cake – Optimus Prime
07.Baby miniature horse chasing a person 1
08.Ball State Sports Link: Freshman Wins Free Tuition
09.Phantom 3 Superman
10.World Record Free Solo – Insane Slacklining!
11.Magician Neil Henry proposes to his girlfriend with alphabetty spaghetti trick
12.Flute-playing driver rocks out at traffic light
13.The elephant in the bathroom
14.4 Year Old Boy Scores Against Queensland Legends
15.Isabella July 2015
16.Large tortoise lets himself into the house
17.Rocking Speeder Bike
18.Monkey the Cat Hunts for Dinner
19.Charger prototype finding its way to Model S
20.ONEAN Boards – River jetsurfing 2015
21.Pikachu event 2015 — line dance
22.World Record Group Skydive: 164-Person Formation
23.The Most Insane Gravity Defying Spintop Tricks You’ve Ever Seen
24.Arizona Rattlers Football Dancing Player
25.Corgi Pool Party
26.Dog Has His Own Ride
27.Ein Skater, mit Laubbläser-Antrieb
28.Epic Pomeranian Puppy sneeze (Original)
29.Fast endless Bi-directional spiral with an ho scale train ( side view )
30.Giovanni Moreno Increible Gol de Chilena – Shanghai Shangha vs Shanghai SIPG 3-3 Chinese FA Cup
31.GoPro: Escalator Ski Drop
32.Illusion Twist Takedown
33.Man catches a fish from its balcony
34.Perfect catch caught on security camera
35.Richie Jackson’s Weirdest Skate Tricks
36.Roman Candle Gun(S) PART 3
37.Rose plays with a balloon
38.Schlauchboot skaten
39.Softball Player Hits Home Run Standing Backwards at Plate
40.Talented Biker Rides on Handlebars
41.Tandem Surfers Show Off Amazing Routine
42.The cutest future fitness instructor ever!
43.YoYo Wizardry in Slow Motion (Paul Dang & JT Nickel)
44.You got it!
45.BEATBoX SAX – “Bach Cello Suite”

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