• WIN Compilation JANUARY 2020 Edition | Best of December 2019

    New year, new look. As some of you noticed before, the visual number play in our logo didn’t quite work für the new 20s decade. We thought about turning the “N” into a “2”, but we thought, why not make something completely new? We’re excited what you say about our new design – feel free to leave feedback in the comments!
    And of course there is a new video, too. 47 of the best clips from last month put together in highly entertaining and inspiring nine-and-a-half minutes. We hope, you like it.
    Aaaand: New year, new goal. In 2020 we aim to reach the 100K subscriber mark. Can we do it? Can YOU do it? Spread the word, share our clips and help us bring WIN into the world! 💯

    Enjoy & share!

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