WIN Compilation Best of 2013

Before the year is finally over, we still have a little gift for you: the best videos from the past year and also the largest video that we have ever created and uploaded.

WIN Compilation December 2013

Last edition of 2013! In this december piece we are proud to present you 40 fresh and awesome clips in something over eight minutes. Enjoy and share. Thanks!

WIN Compilation November 2013

This time it got a bit shorter but no awesomeness got lost on the way. 36 fresh and new clips for you. Enjoy and share. Thanks!

WIN Compilation October 2013

That was about quick! Another month has past and it is time for our WIN Compilation again! This time you get over 9 minutes full of awesome- and loveliness. Enjoy and share. Thanks!

WIN Compilation September 2013

Another episode of 8 winning minutes internet-glory. Enjoy and share. Thanks!

WIN Compilation August 2013

New month, new compilation of awesomeness. Enjoy over 8 minutes full of winning moments.

WIN Compilation July 2013

It’s our birthday! On 1st of july 2012 we did publish our first WIN compilation ( – it has over 400k views, AWESOME!). We never thought that we could keep this up for a year, but thanks to you and your views, cool comments and the subscriptions – we did it! And we think, we got a lot better than in the beginning.

Of course, we also have a July edition waiting for you. 7.5 minutes of win, just as usual. Help us and spread the word by sharing the s#*t out of it!

WIN Compilation June 2013

43 awesome new clips from last month in this brand new June edition. Enjoy & share.

WIN Compilation May 2013

New month, new awesomeness. In this may edition we got 39 fresh new clips from you, the best from last month. Enjoy & share.

WIN Compilation April 2013 BONUS

Here are 17 more clips from this march (ending with a marching band, muaha!), meaning 4 additional minutes of WIN. A one time only surprise, so handle it well! 🙂